Teens/Young Adults

Few things are more heart breaking and frustrating than watching your teen or young adult child struggle.

Young people today face unique and daunting challenges and sometimes even the most resilient "good kid" struggles to find their place in the world.

My work with teens and young adults has two components - first, build trust and rapport with your teen and then, while still maintaining their confidentiality, I work with the parents on strategies to improve the issues of concern and the parent/child relationship. My goal is to coach parents in effective and loving ways of supporting their child. Everyone wants their children to be happy and successful to the best of their abilities. My direct and realistic approach resonates with young people and, as is usually the case, when they hear "it" from me (as opposed to having heard it from their parents a million times before) they often respond in a more open and productive manner.

It is exceptionally rewarding to be a part of a young person's journey, negotiating a difficult stage and watching them emerge stronger, happier and more focused on their goals.

Areas of expertise:

- Academic Difficulties
- Gender and Sexual Orientation
- Peer Relationships
- Drug Use
- Unintended Pregnancy
- Body Image and Self-Esteem
- College Prep Pressures
- Self-harming
- Defiance/Behavior Difficulties
- Teen Dating Violence
- Social Media Issues
- Chronic Untruthfulness
- Sibling Conflicts
- Weight and Disordered Eating
- Lack of Motivation
- Parent/Child Relationship Issues
- Sexual Acting Out
- Anxiety
- Depression

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