Patient Testimonials

“Living and dealing with depression is something I never thought I would experience in my life. Seeing how negative mental illness is depicted in the media and how stigmatized seeking treatment is, I put off getting help.

I thought I was just mourning the loss of my grandmother, but I slowly started to realize that it was a whole lot more than just being sad over losing someone so close and dear to me. It started to impact my day to day life and more so, my relationships. I had started to push my family away, which I am usually very close to, and was no longer contacting my friends. All I had, was my boyfriend, to vent to and cry to. Until it started to affect him, because he did not know how to help me feel better. He pushed me to seek help and I did. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I did not expect the results that I have had. I as scared that telling my friends and family that I was seeing a therapist for my depression would cause them to laugh at me. But upon telling friends, I learned that a lot of them were harboring their problems with depression as well. Elsie has helped me to rekindle my relationships with others by helping me focus on my well-being and changing the way I react to things that once were triggers for me being upset. I have brought my mom into a session with Elsie, which was a huge deal, because she was the most skeptical about depression even being a real issue. She always told me I was just being dramatic and a cry baby.

But upon bringing her, she understood that it was more than drama and tears.
Elsie has a way of speaking to you and listening to you express yourself that makes you feel at home. She will be completely honest and tell you things you may already know but didn’t want to hear. She has a way of putting things into words that are so caring and understanding. I have never felt better, after going to her for help. I am so glad I pushed myself to seek help, because I am more than happy now that I have dealt with the issues that were causing me such distress and affecting my day to day life.”
-X.C. (young adult patient in individual/conjoint therapy)

“Elsie is a great example of what a counselor should be. She gets right to the point, helps you see what you don’t see on your own and doesn’t waste your time or your money. I’ve only had four sessions with Elsie but I’ve made great progress from the start with her assistance. She helped me look at life a little differently. Elsie is very insightful and helped me change my perspective from negative to positive very quickly. I would highly recommend her.”
-Kathy M. (older adult patient in individual/conjoint therapy)

"Honestly I was very skeptical as to whether therapy could work for me. When I decided to seek help I was nearing hopelessness. My deep long-term depression and anxiety had overwhelmed me. I was miserable and every waking moment had become painful. Actually, I even felt hopeless when I dreamed. 

I remember how nervous I was as I walked into my first therapy appointment, fearing sharing my thoughts and emotions with another person. Elsie's kindness and compassion quickly began to put me at ease and allow me to talk about what was on my mind and how I was feeling. 

She has an amazing ability to provide thoughtful feedback and perspective in an honest but non-judgmental way. She has challenged and helped me overcome obsessive and unhealthy thought patterns. 

Elsie also seems to know when I need a little kick in the behind and she helps me push myself. 

Life is a lot more fun and rewarding than I ever thought possible. I am a happy person and I'm able to face life's challenges with an optimistic attitude. A wise and competent coach can make all of the difference in the success of an athlete or sports team... and life can be much more complex than any given sport.

I highly recommend Elsie as a therapist, counselor and life coach."

-Nick (adult patient in individual therapy)

"Elsie has been my counselor for the passed five years and the growth I've made is remarkable. Her professionalism and kindness has helped me to understand my concerns by being able to completely open up without fear of being criticized and I trust in her knowledge. She has made a positive change in my life and I feel that for once I have a bright future."
-Grace (patient Bariatric Surgery Support Group)

"I was hesitant to seek "therapy" or any kind of help at first. In fact, things were so distorted in my head that I truly believed that I did not have any problems. No, not me. I'm a doctor. I was fine. But my husband had problems and his problems were ruining our marriage. So I decided that we should seek marriage counseling. Reluctantly he agreed. I sought a referral from a colleague, a psychiatrist.

I will never forget that first meeting with Elsie, my husband and me. It didn’t take more than ten minutes for me to break down and start crying (after Elsie asked me why I thought we needed counseling). Eventually I stopped sobbing long enough to hear what she had to say to us. She kindly recommended that I seek a medical evaluation and treatment for my depression. I did not even realize how depressed I was, but she recognized my depression before we even got going with our "therapy".
That was four years ago. I have been seeing Elsie on and off ever since then and I thank God for her every day!
Not only does she have sharp clinical acumen, she has compassion for her patients and empathy that is palpable. I have worked through so many problems that were never even on my radar. It's amazing how much a person can emotionally bury and just convince themselves that everything is fine. Elsie has a therapy style that allows me to "feel" rather than think out my problems. It's hard to work through stuff but Elsie is right there to work with me when our sessions get hard (emotionally). And I have never felt too raw to leave her office (read this as, she doesn't just leaves you hanging after you spill your guts just because "time is up"). At the same time, she is so experienced that with out 50 minute session, I feel like we have processed and discussed so many things.
I am no longer ashamed to talk about my depression and anxiety. It's a part of me that I will always need to work on to keep in check. Elsie and I joke now that I am a "beacon" because now I always tell my friends, family and patients to stop ignoring their emotional health. It's all the same whether you have diabetes, asthma or a psychological problem. People only care when you’re not taking care of yourself. Friends, even your husband cannot be your therapist, they cannot really help you.
But a therapist like Elsie can help you. Seek treatment. You can feel so much better and improve the quality of your life. Elsie is exceptionally good at what she does. She is the therapist that I recommend to anyone who ever asks me for a referral, no matter the age or issue of the person. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful therapist, and that is why I am writing this testimonial." -P.L., MD (adult patient in individual therapy)

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