Parent Testimonials

"My sister is a social worker in Orange County who has worked with troubled youth for many years. When our daughter started to struggle we turned to her for a referral, my sister recommended Elsie unconditionally as the therapist who had most consistently been able to help some of the most challenging teens on her caseload. Our sweet compliant little girl was turning into a surly teenager. She seemed distant from us, irritable and had begun to lie about even the smallest most insignificant things. Elsie gained our daughters trust (which was no easy task I'm sure) and was able to help my daughter figure out the underlying issues that were impacting her mood and behavior. Elsie then worked with my husband and I to guide us in adjusting our parenting to better fit our daughter's teen phase and her current emotional sensitivities. Elsie helped us realize the areas of our parenting that needed to be firmer and more consistent and the areas where it would be beneficial to "relax a bit" and create space to rebuild our emotional connection. Our daughter is feeling and behaving so much better and our relationship as a family is closer and more loving. Something magical happened behind closed doors between Elsie and our daughter and we will be forever grateful that it did.
-Kristi (mother of a 14 year old girl in individual and family therapy)

"Before we came to Elsie, we had spent the past 8 years trying to get help for our daughter (now 12 years old) to conquer her bed wetting. We saw doctors and professionals, but found ourselves still looking for answers as our daughter entered middel school. Middle school can be such a challenging time even without an embarrassing secret like wetting the bed. Camps and overnights had become increasingly challenging. It had not even occured to us to seek counseling. We are so thankful for Elsie's creative and simple ideas to help empower our daughter and put her on the road to success. With each dry night her confidence increases and we are one step closer to stress free summer camps and overnights with friends."
Krista and Matt (parents who participated in Parent Coaching to assist their 12 year old daughter)

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