For most adults, relationships can be our most enjoyable and reliable source of security, love and fun, until they are not.

Struggling in our relationships can be painful and all-consuming particularly when a resolution is not obvious or feels unlikely at best.

Many people can do very effective work to improve their relationships with partners, children, friends, family, and co-workers, by working one-on-one with a compassionate and unbiased professional. While we cannot change the thoughts and behaviors of others, we can shift and develop our own outlook in ways that can create significant improvement in all of our relationships.

I strive to be a compassionate but honest mirror so that you can perceive yourself clearly and more fully understand your role in your current difficulties. This self-awareness will increase your sense of control and self-confidence as you move towards a resolution.

When you’re ready we can work on creating a plan to support you in changing the things you can and accepting or moving on from the things you can’t.

You can count on me to be gentle and direct. I believe that people sincerely want to feel and do better and I will work with you at your own pace, towards achieving your plans and goals.

Areas of expertise:

- Infidelity/Emotional Affairs
- Divorce Recovery
- Parenting Effectively
- Struggles with Spirituality and Religion
- Anger Management
- Caring for Aging Parents
- Weight and Disordered Eating
- Chronic Health Issues
- Fertility Issues
- Pregnancy and Post-Partum Support
- Balancing Career/Family
- Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Support
- Peri and Post Menopausal Issues
- Grief
- Gender and Sexual Orientation Issues
- Abusive Relationships
- Reinventing Yourself Personally or Professionally
- Depression
- Anxiety

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