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Older Adults

What does it even mean to be an "older adult"?  As people work and live longer, have children later, and strive to maintain a youthful appearance - aging and being an older adult has become a stage of life that each person is now free to define on their own terms.

Whether you are struggling to bring meaning to your life in retirement, or dealing with adult children and sometimes grandchildren moving back home, having outside support and guidance can make all the difference in how well you negotiate these stages.

Having lived and loved for 50+ years means that while the challenges may be many, the rewards can be great.

Falling into the 50+ box myself, you can count on me to be patient, compassionate, and non-judgmental as you work through whatever situation brings you to my office.

Areas of expertise:

 - Revitalizing a Long Term Marriage or Relationship
 - Adult Children Returning to the Nest
Career Concerns 
 - Managing Post Retirement  
-  Chronic Health Issues  
-  Decline in Sexual Desire
-  Gender and Sexual Orientation
 -  Loss of Loved Ones  
    -  Loss of Freedom and Independence 
    -  Anxiety about Aging and Death  
    -  His or Her "Mid-Life Crisis"  
    -  Managing Cognitive Decline  
    -  Caring for an Elderly Parent or Relative  
    -  Healing Estranged Relationships 
    -  Downsizing Difficulties 
    -  General Anxiety 
    -  Depression  

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